Our Story

We are taking each & every Action to bring The Change, backed with passion & learnings, which leads to noteworthy achievements!

Back in the days, in 2011, our Co-Founder Mr Mitesh Lathiya left his high-paying job and took a risk & loan of 2 lakh Rupees to launch the Start-Up called Infinity, an I.T. services provider for few selected Indian & International clients!

The initial phase of hard work & exposure, gave the team, inspiration & confidence to create their indigenous I.T. products – a TV enhancement device (hardware + software app) which led the company to be renamed & relaunch as PistaLix, in 2014! The I.T. products were launched by the end of 2016. We did receive some market attention & appreciation but did not achieve the desired success.

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The Key Learnings from this was that our I.T. products were technologically advanced and before time. We eventually realized that our weakness lies in Marketing the Products as well. Furthermore, during that period, the internet availability & speed, in India was very poor.

The core value of the company from day one, is collaboration for collective success, and hence, in 2017, the company invited Mr. Nirav Somani to partner as a CoFounder, especially to strengthen the processes & marketing skills. As a result, by 2019, the company gained momentum and 10X growth in no. of clients, along with the advanced technology and marketing strategies, which inspired the team to rename Pistalix to a new name: Infozium.

Today in 2021, under the umbrella of InFoZium Group, we have diversified towards multiple I.T. & Digital Businesses & launched five different subsidiary companies, as follows :

  • Infizius deals in IT services and Digital Marketing Services.
  • IFZ Consultancy offers business and strategy advisory.
  • Legaltoast provides Legal & Business Services.
  • Xtripo Travel is an indigenous product solution for providing indigenous travel solutions.
  • Playmax Gaming is an indigenous gaming company that offers a wide range of games.

Infozium Group is rapidly expanding by offering cutting-edge services and creative solutions to deliver desired growth results to all our clients.
The Teams at InFoZium Group are now charged up towards Mission-2025 to achieve INR 1000 Crores of group turnover and INR 5000 Crores of Net Group Valuation by 2025.
And To accelerate towards achieving exponential growth through all India/ Overseas Business expansion, we recently announced our New Association, with Mr. Nilesh Mehra, as our Chief Growth & Strategy Officer for Infozium Group. He is a former Raymond Ltd. Top Management Executive, who is also a recently turned entrepreneur!
Infozium Group is consistently seeking to deliver infinite possibilities, we have multi-disciplinary in-house teams to tackle real-time challenges across all industrial verticals. With the aid of innovative ideas by our young teams, we offer solutions especially catering to the Gen Y & Gen Z audience. We promote the futuristic usage of ever-updating technology and methodologies.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Infozium Group’s leadership blends expertise, experience, and strategies. Our board of directors brings together a diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets to consistently achieve profitable growth.

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Mitesh Lathiya

Chief Technology Zinius
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Nirav Somani

Chief Performance Zinius
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Nilesh Mehra

Chief Acceleration Zinius

A Timeline Of Infozium Group’s Journey so far!

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.


A Brief History
Mr. Mitesh Lathiya, alongside a group of 6, established Infinity to deliver IT services to a few picked Indian and multinational clients!


Something Big
Initial development & exposure stage provided the team enthusiasm & credibility to develop their own products and rename Infinity as PistaLix!


Created our own product
We invented a TV enhancement device in 2015 and drew public interest, but the formulated products were technologically advanced.


Back on Track
We went back on track for growth after learning from our prior mistakes. In order to improve our marketing tactics, we invited Mr. Nirav Somani to the family.


With additional convenience, vital technical assistance, and comprehensive services, we have succeeded and decided to change the Pistalix solution to InFoZium.


Infozium becomes Infozium Group
Eventually, in 2020, our business models evolved into numerous I.T. & Digital Segments under one roof, and hence the InFoZium Group was born. Five distinct subsidiary businesses were defined to offer customer-centric services in different industry verticals for IT services, Gaming, Digital Services, Legal Services & Business.


Infozium Group with a Mission 2025
The teams at InFoZium Group are now charged up towards Mission-2025 to achieve INR 100 Crores of turnover and INR 1000 Crores of Net Valuation by 2025. For exponential business growth through India/ Overseas, we recently announced a new partnership with Mr. Nilesh Mehra as our Chief Growth & Strategy Officer.
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