App Store Optimization (ASO)

People spend 2.8 hrs on an average using a mobile, with 90% of that time only within apps. Anybody can image the scale of business it involves. So, companies around the globe have to seriously work on app store optimization.
Infozium offers the most advanced techniques of boosting your app in the mobile world. Our ASO experts make sure you get the right representation in the app era

Defining ASO

ASO is almost similar to SEO Techniques, the only difference is later is done on websites and the former on the apps. The main motto behind ASO is to get on top of the app stores such as Apple Store (IOS), Google Play (Android), Windows Store (Windows) or BlackBerry World (Blackberry).
In other words, your app has to be on the top of the rankings, so that it pops up on customer search query. This may lead to more downloads, resulting in more business.
According to Moz, two pronged approach is required for this.

Put the right keywords & make your app highly attractive to prompt users for download

ASO is Highly Important

Some statistics – The reason why apps is a big business is, customers are actually happy searching for the apps. A staggering 50% of daily active consumers search for apps at least one time in a week. People find at least 63% of apps via app store searches, that is outstanding.

The next stat is even more convincing for you.
A whopping 83% of iOS apps are not visible, and popularly known as Zombie Apps. To define precisely, a zombie app means it does not appear every two out of three days in the first 300 lists in App Store.

Do you want to be in that 83%? So it’s inevitable to invest time and resources into optimization. Infozium, with it’s highly advanced resources ensures the desired results for you.

Daily Updates for ASO!

The most important thing about App store optimization is to note that it is not a one time job. It can feel like a never ending story while the story is still on.

Exactly opposite to that, today’s most common approach towards ASO is no attention at all. Continuous trial & errors are required to improve on the results.

Time to time testing with new keywords followed by analysis is must to get the best ranking results. This will also help drive more traffic to the download page resulting in more downloads. So you need to be on your heels. Get, Set, Go all the time.
ASO keeps your app well within the largest market, easily accessible by your potential buyers & generate a solid business outlook for your company.

Don’t get lost in the Zombie world. ASO is worth giving the time.

We at Infozium, not only keep your app within the 63% of the searching by consumers, but also keep it on the top so as to get the first chance for the people to see. Our daily meticulous work plan ensures the stability & steady growth of your business.


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