New Age App Store Optimization (ASO) by Infozium- ASO Pricing Plan 

The penetration of apps & mobiles has changed the digital world outlook. As per the study, around 80% of the businesses of online companies are being controlled by mobiles. So, it is inevitable for all brands to have a strong presence in the mobile and apps world.

Infozium provides the latest digital marketing optimization for the App Store. We ensure that your brand gets the deserved traffic & conversion in the mobile economy. Our ASO pricing plans are intelligently designed to give the best value for your company.

ASO pricing plan

App Store Optimization (ASO) Plans

ASO Pricing Plans Silver Gold Platinum
Minimum Downloads 1000 Downloads 1500 Downloads 2000 Downloads
Price Per Month Start from ₹15000 Start from ₹20000 Start from ₹30000
6 Months Advance Payment 81000 108000 162000
6 Months Savings 10% 10% 10%
12 Months Advance Payment 144000 192000 288000
12 Months Savings 20% 20% 20%
Timeframe Monthly Monthly Monthly
Website Initial Technical Analysis Yes Yes Yes
On-Page Recommendation & Suggestion Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Initial Ranking Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Analysis Yes Yes Yes
App Localization No 1 Language 2 Languages
App On-Page/On-Site Optimization
App Store Optimization Yes Yes Yes
App Title Optimization Yes Yes Yes
App Description Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Google Play for Android Yes Yes Yes
iTunes for IOS Yes Yes Yes
Windows Store for Windows Phone Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry World for BlackBerry Yes Yes Yes
App Icon Yes Yes Yes
App Type & Category Selection Yes Yes Yes
App Ratings & Reviews No Yes Yes
App Downloads No No Yes
App Off Page/Off-Site Optimization
Image Promotion & Submission 15 (5 Images*3 Sources) 25 (5 Images*5 Sources) 50 (10 Images*5 Sources)
Real Review Posting Yes Yes Yes
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 3 5
Local Classified Live URL Social Bookmarking 10 20 30
Local Business Listing/Citations 10 15 20
Article Profile Creation 10 20 30
Article Optimization & Submission 2 4 6
Share Live Article on Social Media 20 35 50
Infographics Creation & Posting 1 2 3
Blog Creation & Posting 2 4 6
Blog Live URL Social Bookmarking 10 20 30
Search Engine Submission* 10 15 20
Weekly Work Update Yes Yes Yes
Rank & Stats Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing
Promote App Link on Social Media Yes Yes Yes
Promote App Video on Social Media Yes Yes Yes
Back Linking Yes Yes Yes
PR & Blogger Outreach Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot the App & Include a Demo 10 20 30
Video Marketing
YouTube Account Set Up & App Preview Video Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Vimeo Account Set Up & App Preview Video Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Dailymotion Account Set Up & App Preview Video Promotion Yes Yes Yes
App Store Reports
Google Analytics Report Yes Yes Yes
App Installations Report Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Work Report Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support
Email, Phone, Chat Yes Yes Yes
Project Management System Tracking Yes Yes Yes

Note: GST of 18% applies to the services sector as per government rules. No GST for foreign payments.