Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Advance Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)​

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is defined as the process of optimizing all the activities involving your sales conversion funnel. This include all end to end functions such as website design & maintenance, paid search ads, landing pages, and overall customer experience. The target is to get maximum number of customers on your website, who converts or takes the desired action as defined by you. CRO is fast becoming popular because it’s the process in which customer gets more profits from sales, keeping the same cost of advertising.
Our expert team at Infozium helps you set all the processes involved in the overall conversion rate in perfection. That leads the way for highest level of conversions possible for your business type & industry. We strive to achieve all the benchmarks as defined in Adwords across all industries. 
Conversion rate optimization requires time, experience, and vigorous testing. It’s worthwhile to invest your attention into the techniques of maximising website conversions. After all, the customer which comes to your website should become a loyal paying customer for lifetime.


We take care of a number of things to improve conversions as below.

They are precisely made with the right mix of relevant keywords, interests, and commercially intended audience. Mid-tail & Long-tail keywords with high commercial customer intent tends to convert the best in some businesses.

Seamless journey from your ads to corresponding landing pages

Any landing page should work seamlessly with the ads motive, without any hassles for the customer. Be it any action like completing a purchase, downloading a guide or signing up for your newsletter or website.

Testing the landing page usability

A/B split testing is most important to reach the perfect design of your landing page. It should have the the right layout, content, and theme colors that attract the highest percentage of website visitors to convert. They should like to take actions.

Optimizing PPC Conversions: Start with the Right Keywords​

When you start thinking about conversion rate optimization, it’s tempting to fiddle around with buttons and forms and other low-in-the-funnel design elements that might make or break the sale. But remember that part of optimizing conversions is getting the right visitors to your site in the first place:
1) High web traffic is useless if none of those people convert.
2) With search marketing, increasing your qualified traffic is a matter of bidding on and optimizing for the right keywords.
3) Better keyword traffic data means you can make better decisions about your website and ad copy and better target the right customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization 1

Quality of Landing Pages

All the aspects of the conversion funnel has to be built keeping in mind the overall best shopping experience of the customer. One of the most important factor is the quality of individual landing pages. Just imagine – a potential client lands on your page after a specific search query. If the customer does not find the landing page offering a relevant & useful content, then they will leave the page and go elsewhere. In this way, you lose a prospective lead. There are other subsequent negative effects also. Your quality score will reduce, increase your cost per click, and overall reduce

The best landing page should have the following features:

Eye catching headline

CTR is the most important factor to keep in mind, while making a headline. It should be relevant to the search keyword and convinces the customer to take the action you desired.

Precise Content

The content on the page should be clear, easily understable & useful to the user. It should not have any confusing facts. Bullet points are a good way to do that.

Easy navigation & attractive call to action button (CTA)

Short, simple & beautiful is the key for a good CTA button.

Need to Know Use Form

A form which can be quickly filled which has all the information required by you and also not boring for the customer to fill is considered best. 
Designer Essence – Professionally built clean & to the point landing pages is best. Design, theme & color should compliment your brand.

Infozium specialists are well aware of this facts. We create a seamless experience for the client through high quality & relevant landing pages. This gives a boost to the lead generation & create a sales funnel which converts at the highest level.

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