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Large organizations having large set up with mega websites & multiple brands normally require enterprise marketing services. The enterprise SEO projects are implemented in a completely different manner. The activities remains the same but the strategy is designed on a big scale. This type of projects require a more precise, sophisticated approach towards marketing. 

Organizations that require Enterprise SEO Solutions

There are many common factors for the companies that require enterprise SEO solutions. They have big brands with a massive following, multiple websites in some cases. Below are some of the major attributes of big enterprises.

  • Website size. A 5,00,000 pages website requires much more marketing automation techniques as compared to a 500 or 5,000 pages website. This requires better tools to take care of meta, URLs, Internal Linking & Content Management. 

  • Complex website. Highly complex sites have a large number of integrations with ERP, CRM or any other customized functionality for customers. This portals require highly skilled back end developers for smooth SEO operations. 

  • Global SEO Strategy. Global companies have separate websites for different countries possibly operating in different languages. Some enterprises may have multiple local websites. Both this conditions make marketing execution becomes exponentially more complex. Logical content creation, and keyword strategies are required so the websites does not compete with each other and hamper each other’s rankings.

  • Branding Norms. It requires a high level of skill set for following stringent branding norms. This makes the process of keywords targeting & meta data highly complicated. 

  • Legal Rules for Copy Writing. Large organizations often have legal norms. They affect the website content, blogs, social media writing and other off site pages content. 

  • Complex Command Structure. Some companies may have several departments involved in decision making. This creates new challenges in the implementation of processes on time and within the budget. This also creates resource issues, coordination difficulties, multiple priorities & difference of opinion in SEO strategy. 

  • IT control. Many big companies have a centralized IT control system. They don’t give access to other external agencies. In this case, the Enterprise marketing agency need to maintain close relationship with the client’s IT team and accomplish the projects on time. 

Companies that are capable of delivering Enterprise Marketing

Looking at the above all factors, it is clearly understood that all agencies cannot undertake enterprise SEO projects. Careful selection is required to choose your right SEO partner. The following factors has to be kept in mind. 

  • Full time staff. All types of staff people are required to manage all activities from end to end. Experts in the field of research, analysis, on page, content, off page link building, social media are required. All the activities should be completely under control. Freelancers are not capable of managing such big campaigns. 

  • High Class content marketing. For enterprise marketing, world class content creation and marketing are required. Only writing good blogs is not enough. Your agency should be skilled in all types of content creation. Also high level relations with the publishers, research & editing is also required. 

  • Strong software development ability. Sometimes, large scale modifications are required on the website for on page SEO techniques to be properly implemented. Perfect execution is required to be done directly by the SEO firm or by the client staff under close supervision. The Enterprise SEO agency must have a good knowledge of Web design & Coding skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, MySQL, Apache, Linux. Also some basic knowledge of platforms and languages like PHP, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc. 

  • Strong Project Management. Powerful skills in multiple departments running is required to manage various activities running simultaneously. Also, perfect coordination is required with all the firms involved. Be it the SEO agency, the client, hosting service and publishing websites. A highly experience project management person is required for successful execution.

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