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Backlink is the first important ranking factor for Off Page SEO as considered by search engines. Previously, Google was not counting links as “votes,” but it was the first search engine which started to rely heavily on backlink analysis for improve relevancy.
In spite of hundreds of other signals, contextual links is by far the most essential external factor used by Google, to assess your website’s search rankings. It is an important thing to note that some of the links are much more valuable than others.


Quality of BackLinks
If you have car and you have some mechanical problem, to whom will you go? Will you try to find the best mechanic or just give your car to anybody down the street? Obviously, you will rely on the experts to treat your car, a you want to see it in the best working condition always.
Even though there are only a handful of good car repair shops, but you would like to go there only, even if you have to wait a bit.
The similar theory works with the search engine algorithms. They consider all the backlinks pointing towards your website (except nofollow or any other blocked links). But, the weightage they give to each link varies a lot. They give more value to the backlinks which came from high value sources. So, eventually link quality is more important than quantity.
Link Quality is most probably defined in this way. The link from a reputed or a large company website carrier much more weightage than a link made by just commenting on a blog. Also, one more point to note. The links which are coming from the same business niche sites are more relevant for obvious reasons. That means, you are recommended from the same relevant industry, which gives value to your reputation.

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Importance of Anchor Text – The text used in the BackLink
Alibaba has millions of backlinks pointing to it’s website. But, it does not make it rank for ‘cars’. Instead, it ranks for ‘wholesale clothes’. This is because, the links pointing at Alibaba have some words like ‘wholesale clothes’ or ‘wholesale business’ embedded in that. They may be very few links talking about ‘cars’.

The words embedded in the link text is known as “anchor text”. This text is used by search engines as how one website is is describing another. This works the same way as in real life. If someone is referring you as the business owner of a wholesale company, and declares you an expert in that.

Mostly you cannot control the words the people will use in the links, but you should capitalize on all the opportunities for getting exact anchor text links relevant to your business.

Does the Number of links Matter?
Obviously getting lot of links will help build your value faster in SEO. Lot of sites have found that. But, with the latest algorithm updates, there are two factors which are much more important. Firstly, getting links from different sites is more important than getting same number of links from one site. Secondly, the value of one link from a reputed source is far more important than getting hundred links from low quality sources.

Search engines have become far more smarter to evaluate the quality of links, and they will be updated from time to time in future also.

Link Building with Infozium

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