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Infozium is a leading Online Marketing company. Founded in 2013, we provide the full range of digital marketing solutions for small, midsize & big B2B and B2C organizations. Our company in India has a large, full-time, in-house staff.

Why to Choose Infozium for Your Internet Marketing service

We ensure efficient project management. SEO projects are complex, with many month-to-month activities to coordinate together, in addition to setup work and day to day website maintenance. We keep a dedicated account manager to look after your account activities. This ensures step by step result oriented work is monitored by a highly-skilled campaign management person. Our proven, task-driven system, runs your campaign with the highest level of efficiency. This helps to maximize your SEO investment at all times.

We have an excellent team ready for you; highly skilled in all the areas of the complicated process. In addition to SEO, we also have the following experts to give additional services on your behalf.

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Content Writers

Content Writers. Highly skilled in B2B and B2C industry, they can create attractive, engaging, valuable, and informative content for off-page link building process and also for on-page optimization. Google Bots have become much smarter with time. They rank & reward good quality content which is useful for the user and creates true value. Gone are the days when content just stuffed with the bunch of keywords used to rank.

Graphic designers specialized in the area of creating designer attractive content. May it be banners, videos, infographics, or slide presentations. This has taken link building to a new higher level. Nobody is interested in only textual content alone. Neither the publishers nor the masses are interested in this type of writing now. Moving ahead with time, we have established a team of modern graphic designers to get the best of designer touch for all the creative requirements of SEO projects.

We have a completely transparent & collaborative business environment. We keep you informed & engaged at all stages of your progress. We send you weekly & monthly reports in an easy format with all details of every aspect of your project. SWOT-analysis is done for your project from time to time. Also, our customer support team is ready for comments, questions, and any ideas.

We maintain the highest level of focus on the outcome & ROI for your campaigns. Our strategic efforts have the prime motto to get maximum leads & create a sales funnel for your company. This in turn gets the sales soaring. It is utmost important to use the right mix of keywords for your campaigns so your campaign is not derailed from the prime focus to generate maximum sales at your online store

Top Services Our Marketing Firm Offers

The deep expertise of our Online Marketing team enables us to provide all the services necessary to take your business on the road of success. The list is as below.


This is the perfect starting point with Infozium. If you want to get a complete idea of online marketing for your new business or you need to get a second opinion on the ongoing SEO campaign, then you should start with consulting.


Data collection & SWOT analysis for your business is a must for continuously improving the visibility of your site. We have a sophisticated system for collecting the right data and tracking each & every stage of your success journey. This eventually increases the lead generation and sales revenue over time.

Competitive research

Competition analysis is very important for a successful SEO project. We thoroughly study all the aspects of the market competition & carefully design the SEO campaign. This research is an ongoing process to be done from time to time.

Keyword research

All online marketing projects start with keyword analysis. Our in-depth knowledge of keyword research for any kind of industry gives a head start for your success journey.

On Page Seo.

Our website SEO includes an exhaustive plan for each & every page. The systematic approach is applied to stepwise rank your pages on Google. This gives an organic ranking which gives results for a lifetime.

Content marketing

Content is considered as the king. So you have to be the king in the content preparation. Our expert writers enable us to create super-powerful contents for all types of industry and niches


The importance of Paid Marketing has increased multi-fold because of cut-throat competition. We ensure laser-sharp focus for our paid campaigns in terms of customer targeting.

Messenger Automation Marketing.

Marketing automation is the new buzz work in the online marketing space. Our super expertise in this area helps us to complete the mammoth tasks in seconds which otherwise would take a lot of energy and a large team to accomplish.

CRM & Email Marketing

We provide sophisticated CRM services along with template base email marketing for a greater reach to your customers.

E-commerce SEO

We have more than 8 years of experience executing campaigns for e-commerce firms of all sizes.

Enterprise SEO

Mega corporate companies partner with us to support their in-house SEO campaigns. They share their work with us in which they lack the time and/or talent to bring out results.

Graphic design

Our graphic designers beautify the website with banners, videos & other features. They also create infographics, slide presentations for strengthening off-page link building.

Lead Generation SEO

We have 999 methods of lead generation. The campaigns are designed depending on the niche market, competition & growth requirements. We ensure real lead growth for any size of the organization, whether it is small, medium, or very large enterprise.

Off Page SEO

Link building is an important part of SEO for reputation management of a website. The increasing influence of social media also makes a lot of difference in the modern marketing world.

Local SEO

Our local SEO strategy is designed to benefit the single market companies in the local area they operate. Also, it substantially improves the reach of big companies in different geographical locations around the globe.


Infozium reporting is 100% transparent, clear, easy to understand and KPA-focused. We provide you weekly & monthly reports as well as 24*7*365 customer care.

Strategy development.

A good start is half the finish. So we believe in creating a master strategy of the Internet Marketing project for your company. We thoroughly understand your business, products & services first. Also, we take a good idea of key selling markets, future threats & competitors. Our regular SWOT-analysis helps to strengthen your business in all areas.

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