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How is your Online Reputation?

Are you in control of your reputation on the internet?
We at Infozium help you take control of your online reputation & represent yourself fairly. Our advanced techniques ensure that the right material & content related to your company is visible by the people when they search for you on the internet.
Online reputation management creates a balance and tries to keep the weight of the positive side considerably more than the negative.

online reputation management

How Online Reputation Works?

There can be a Bad cycle or a Good cycle for your reputation. The bad cycle is made of rumors, negatives & all the bad information what you don’t want about yourself. Exactly opposite of that is the good cycle with all good in it.

The content which is shocking, misleading, malicious or scandalous always ranks higher on the internet. In the same way, high quality, precise and current content also ranks highly. Search engines see that this type of content is liked by people, so they rank it higher. Social media also promotes them more.

Follow up content by people creates more traffic and backlinks for both this type of content. Ultimately, it validates the truthness of both the good and bad in the same way.
This is how a company’s reputation is trapped in the cycle.

Importance of online reputation & why you should care about it

As on today, the scenario is the Internet has become the first stop for anything. The handy first source of information & knowledge on which people have trust. They rely on it so much that decisions are made based on the basis of the content they find online.

Every two out of three people rely on the Internet and trust the information provided by it about a person, company or a business (Edelman Insights)

70% of hiring personnel rely on online content as the basis to approve or reject a candidate (Cross-Tab)
Local businesses have the highest impact due to online reputation. 97% of people read their reviews & take decisions (BIA Kelsey)

It is how you manage the buzz online because 80% of bad reputation comes from the difference between the buzz and the actual reality (Digimind)

The above statistics make it clear that online reputation has a tremendous effect on your entire life.

A reputation once made is forever

If somebody writes something negative about you or your company online, this will create serious problems for a lifetime, and the problem gets worse if you are not aware of that. You may never know why you didn’t get the business you were hoping for.
You need to keep a check what people are writing about you and then counter all negatives with the positive, so as to create a proper balance. Also, you need to check your own postings. Because of social media, you may get a negative surprise from the posts you have done before decades.

Why online reputation management is inevitable?

Nothing is going to change on its own. Online reputation problems are created by humans & not by technology.


Popularity - Key Factor for Search Algorithms

The algorithm does not know whether any piece of information precisely represents you or not. For them, popularity is the main measuring scale and they prioritize them in search results.
The result is embarrassing personal photos, awkward videos, sting operations, and all this type of negative content dominate the internet.

Balance - Key Factor for Online Reputation Management

In order to counter the rumors or gossip surrounding any piece of information which matters for you, ORM is used. An algorithm is a machine. How could you trust a machine to take the right decisions for you? Is only takes decision based on popularity, not aware of the truthfulness of the content. This is why a strong ORM strategy is extremely important in today’s world.

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