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Generated Over 1,014,233 Qualified Leads for Clients

Managed over 500+ PPC Campaigns

Best in class paid marketing campaigns for Google Adwords & Social Media from Infozium. We have super expertise in creating laser focused advertising for your brand. Our campaigns deliver best of the results for you because they are pin point targeted according to the demographics, interests, searches and purchase intent of the customer. Check Pricing for PPC Management.

High level of strategic skill and precise implementation is required for high success Paid campaigns. Our professional expertise is well equipped to deliver the same. 

Get in touch with us to understand why your PPC isn’t working. We will guide you how you can get the boost in your lead generation and creating a robust sales funnel, thereby increasing your revenue multi fold.

Silver PPC

₹10,000 ($143)


  • OF AD SPEND Up to ₹1,00,000 ($1500)

Gold PPC



  • OF AD SPEND ₹1,00,000 ($1500) to ₹3,00,000 ($4500)

Diamond PPC



  • OF AD SPEND ₹3,00,000+ ($4500+)

Acheive High Success in Your PPC Campaigns​

If you want to increase website traffic, leads & sales on a faster pace, then Pay per click is a better option as compared to Organic SEO. This happens because you pay money to Ad exchanges of search engines to jump ahead in the long queue for getting clicks on your ad. You can even get traffic for the most competitive and lucrative keywords, only condition is your ad must be built with right budget, creativity, targeting, and strategy.

Infozium has the best in class expertise and experience in PPC campaign management. We have specialized knowledge base for google ads/adwords and facebook ads.

Increased Leads and Online Sales

This is the prime reason why most clients invest in paid advertising. But, this follows with continuous expert analytical improvements in campaign management. This enables to boost CTR (click through rate) and eventually conversions with time. Our well experienced team has the ability to achieve this with expertise in keywords mapping, designing, and targeting.

Get Maximum ROI for Your Campaigns

Precise management of campaigns at each stage potentially enhances the leads and sales. This gives the best ROI for our client’s facebook marketing and google ads.

Analysis and Insights

Infozium analysis the data in full details. The performance of various calls to action, sales offers, products & services are measured carefully. This helps to improve on future marketing strategy. Both SEO and Paid Marketing combined together gives great results which is more than the sum of both used separately.

Potential Growth in Sales Revenue

In order to get the hand on idea of which products and services are getting more views or more traffic, we suggest our clients’ sales teams to keep a close eye on PPC campaigns. We have a system to validate reading every form and every phone call that is done by the customer. This draws the client’s attention to prospective leads, enabling them to take action and get maximum conversions.

Benefits of Good Branding

PPC is the most effective technique to build brand awareness & brand value in an affordable way. This happens because all ads carry brand names on it which is continuously viewed by the buyers. This leads to a lot of indirect benefits for the brand, even if an ad does not generate immediate sales. This ads increases the count of prospective buyers who may purchase in future.

Get on the Peak with Leading PPC Management Services

PPC is a high skill job which requires large amount of experience and expertise. At Infozium, we have a full time staff who are specialized in every aspect of paid campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

We are capable to create and execute ads with all precision, whether it is a national or a local campaign. 

We are capable to track, report, and validate sales inquiries in real time.

Infozium works with 100% transparency. We let you know how your money is spent, and how you get the maximum ROI for each rupee you spent. We encourage you to stay involved at all stages of the campaign to get the exact idea of how it works. 

PPC Management Services from Infozium​

1) Infozium offers end to end services for all sizes of campaigns. We lead campaigns for sales inquiries and/or conversions.

2) As a Google PPC expert and Accredited Company for Bing Ads, we offer the following special features.

1. Technological Advancement​

  • Our automated system is set up based on client targets (CPC). The parameters are manually set by our experts to enable the system work in the right direction.

  • We use the latest technology available to automate most parts of the process.

    • Auto adjusting budget throughout the month as prescribed initially.  

  • Future vision and forecasting to help customers scale up quickly. 

2. Reporting and Transparency​

    • We provide actual useful data for sales leads. Exact campaign wise metrics from where the leads are originating. That includes location, keywords, interests, and more.

    • This reports help us and you to improve the future campaigns in terms of more ROI.

    • Full date wise data is available to analyse the historical behavior.

    • Each lead can be analysed based on the parameters on which the campaign runs.

3. Testing of Landing Pages​

    • Our team builds easily customizable landing pages for SEO.

    • Good landing pages are the key to good conversions. We aggressively work on conversion rate optimization. This in turn reduces the cost per lead.

    • Our experienced team is capable of creating attractive layout and designer landing pages.

4. Ad Research and Keyword Testing ​

      • Initially before starting the campaign, a thorough keywords analysis is done. This may be followed by A/B split testing of ads. This gives us clear idea of the market and helps us to keep ahead of the competition.

      •  Our expert Ads managers and copywriters use the best technology to analyse competition.

Pricing for PPC​

Pricing for PPC management depends on lot of parameters. The major factors are complexity of the campaign, scope of reach, multiple keywords, more competition and more time requirement for work.

In spite of all challenges for the campaign, our expert team ensures that your money spent in Paid marketing is a great investment for future revenue.


PPC fees is divided into two parts as below

  • 1. There is a one time set up fee for starting the campaigns. The fees depends on the size of the website or the number of major keywords involved.
  • 2. Monthly fees for all the work we do to manage your total PPC on daily basis to achieve the desired goals or more than that. Normally, the monthly fees are proportional to the ads budget you spent for your campaign. This money your directly pay to Google, Facebook or social media. You can check the pricing page for the detailed fee structure.

Consulting Services for PPC:​

Infozium offers detailed PPC consulting services. If you want to start a new campaign, ramp up the current campaign or have a second opinion on the on going contracts. Our senior PPC consultants do all the discussion with you.

1. Are You a Good Company for PPC Consulting?​

  • You should have the following capabilities if you want to avail consulting services for PPC.

    • Companies which have internal staff such as web developers, graphic designers, etc. but lack the strategy to run campaigns.

    • Organizations that have the know how of PPC campaigns but they don’t have the internal resources to accomplish the work every month.

    • Companies who wants to get second strong opinion on the current campaigns run by other company

2. Consulting Services for PPC​

    • We provide total consulting for all stages of PPC marketing. The following types of services we offer to you.

      • Current running campaign audit which include account settings, ads preparation, keywords targeting, ad content, destination URLs, and thorough tracking

      • New campaign consulting which include all services from start to end. Starting from keywords research, campaign preparation to up to leads and conversion.

      • And also anything else required by you.

Google Ads/Adwords Management Services :

We are a Certified Google expert. So we are fully specialized to accomplish your Google AdWords campaign project.

Well trusted by Google, we are the most reliable company to carry on your AdWords project.

1. Why Infozium is Best For Your Google AdWords Campaign​

Speciality - We are Certified Google Ads Expert

We have AdWords experts in our team who have successfully passed the Google’s certification requirements. This gives us an edge over others to steer head your PPC campaigns in the right direction.

Leave the Competition Behind

As a trusted Google adviser, we get the preference to receive new products updates, research papers and latest training events. So obviously we move your campaigns one step ahead of the competition.

Continuous Stability Requirement

Only stable companies like us can give continuous results for the clients. Full time staff, expertise in all functions and system based reporting are the key factors for our success

2. Expert Campaign Management for Adwords​

We have other special abilities also which are capable for you to select us as your PPC company.

  • Thorough Lead Tracking, Strict Validation & Transferring to you. The only company which provides end to end leads nurturing services. Our marketing team is well equipped to talk to the leads, filter the only sales leads & transfer it to you which creates a robust customer data for life time business.

  • Strong Lead Follow-up is our way of working.

  • You get precise calculation on ROI based on only the real leads.

  • You can also partner with us in the leads nurturing process through our transparent system.

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