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Infozium, established in 2011, has been providing SEO services online since then. We work with small, medium and large firms as well as mega corporate companies in both B2B and also B2C. Our speciality is to create a robust lead generation system for e-commerce entities. Our expertise also includes creating target based traffic campaigns for exponential sales growth.

Why Select Infozium As Your SEO Service Provider​

Infozium is a SEO services agency based in Gujarat, India. We have a full-time, in-house staff of talented experts in all fields necessary for a successful SEO project. Researchers, analysts, content writers, seo executives & account managers are a part of our team.

SEO services online involves many types of activities like keyword research, content creation, link building, etc. So it is more important to have a all round team such as ours to  make the projects flow more efficiently and brings the desired results. The bottom line is  your SEO campaign will boost up faster and start increasing your sales lead funnel in no time, thereby improving the revenue and your project ROI.

Our Worldwide SEO Services​

The customers come to us with a wide variety of SEO goals, even very complex in some cases. We offer them the most popular SEO services as below.


Local SEO has become a near necessity for any company with the explosion in mobile search. National & International companies also use local marketing to improve organic search engine visibility in target markets. They get a number of benefits like increase market share, knock off competitors or launch new products and services.

Global SEO.

Campaigns with national & global scope require a detailed keyword research and meticulous planning. Our SEO experts will spend a great deal of time with you in the discovery phase to acquire as much insight as possible about your company’s value proposition, products, services, customers and competitors.

Enterprise SEO.

Big enterprises with in-house SEO teams often tap into our marketing capability as a short contract or a long term understanding in the areas where they lack the knowledge or don’t have enough staff. We assist them in all the areas of digital marketing.

Infozium is deeply involved in all the types of SEO activities as mentioned below:

Competitive analysis


Content writing

Content editing

Content marketing


Videos & Banners

Keyword research

Link able Content building

Link reclamation

Mobile optimization

Off Page optimization

On Page optimization

Well Experienced SEO Service Agency — Infozium​

Content creation and marketing is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. This helps to build a successful target campaign which aligns with the target keywords. A lot of study & hard work is required to put up a good content on all pages of your website. Content has to be created and updated on regular basis. Sometimes, a good deal of work is needed in the early stages to build the proper foundation. This content plays a key role in the link building process which is done on other websites & blogs.

We have a well experience team of content writers, graphic designers and marketers who are specialized in working with the top publishers in many fields. Our experience & seniority helps us brings results faster for you.


SEO Pricing

SEO cost is the first thing most clients want to know. But in SEO, results & systematic work approach is more important than price.

The cost of SEO services varies considerably because every website has a different set of keywords depending on the industry they work. We cannot put apple & banana in the same basket.

So, sometimes paying Rs. 50,000 a month is required to get a bigger website on top rather than paying Rs. 20,000. This may lead to more leads & orders which in turn increases the ROI.

Alternatively some companies paying Rs. 50,000 a month for SEO only need to be paying Rs. 20,000 because its enough for their size and kind of business.

This is why, Infozium covers pricing plans for any and every type of company. We have done our homework properly & given the best pricing structure which is greatly beneficial for the customer and very economical at the same time.

We have a well experience team of content writers, graphic designers and marketers who are specialized in working with the top publishers in many fields. Our experience & seniority helps us brings results faster for you.

What is the cost of SEO Services?​

The monthly SEO cost depends on the complexity of your website. Check the main factors below.

On Page SEO Techniques

  • Communication is most important for a website. Effeciency of your website to communicate to humans and search engines is vital. What further actions are required to improve communication?

  • 1) Is your website design responsive for all types of devices?

  • 2) How fast does your website load? Is it within the norms?

  • 3) Are your services & product pages well optimized with the targeted keyword phrases?

  • 4) Are long tail keywords properly utilized on the required pages?

  • 5) Are the title tags optimized and attractive?

  • 6) Does your meta descriptions convey the most essence of the page?

  • 7) Are headers formatted properly for the content?

  • 8)Is your body content attractive for the search engines?

Off Page SEO Techniques

  • 1) Do you have a good number of backlinks?

  • 2) How many domains are referring your site?

  • 3) Is the quality of those backlinks good enough?

  • 4) Have your faced google penalties in past or ongoing?

  • 5) Are your anchor texts flowing naturally?

  • 6) Is your internal linking structure logically set?

Competitive factors

  • 1) How much competition does your targeted keywords face?

  • 2) What is their domain authority of competitors?

  • 3) What is their page authority?

  • 4) What is the number of backlinks do they have?

  • 5) How many referring domains do they have?

  • 6) What is the quality of their backlinks?

7) This all factors are thoroughly reviewed and best price is given to you.

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Nayani Milan
Nayani Milan
08:33 25 Dec 19
Its a best digital marketing place where we make our marketing in innovative way.
Gautam Rakholiya
Gautam Rakholiya
08:27 25 Dec 19
Great company , They take really good care of their employees ,Management strength varies greatly across the company,... depending on which department you are in. Overall, fantastic company, product, vision, culture, and more
Kakadiya Savan
Kakadiya Savan
09:51 23 Dec 19
If anyone is looking for affordable digital marketing service, please, contact without hesitation. They... know well how to drive traffic through a digital campaign. And I really appreciate your work for quick response and more
Jay Khatwani
Jay Khatwani
09:05 23 Dec 19
Best Digital marketing company that provides quality services.
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Naina Jha
12:43 20 Aug 19
This is a really very good company. I am really happy to this service. I really like this service.
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Harshil Soni
13:49 19 Aug 19
A very good Internet marketing agency. The company provides good solution to the complex project.
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Chintu Kadian
15:57 02 Aug 19
Its The best marketing company..They are good at App organic or Paid.Content in marketing is very... important. We got our required installs and revenue within short time.Its basically very usefull more
Ravi kadian
Ravi kadian
15:48 02 Aug 19
Its The best marketing company..They are good at App organic or Paid. We got our required installs and... revenue within short time. Dedicated Company.... I like it more
Music and technical armaan
Music and technical armaan
10:53 01 Aug 19
They are good at App marketing. Be it organic or Paid. We got our required installs and revenue within short time.... Dedicated more
Gaming Buddy
Gaming Buddy
10:25 01 Aug 19
Infozium is one of the best internet marketing comapany. We gave a contract for our USA website. Within a time span of... less then 3 months, we got the desired results. Highly Recommended!!!read more
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