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Viral Video Marketing for Maximum views & subscribers

Video Marketing

Video marketing means using video format to promote and advertise your product on social media platforms. This helps you target the audience which you want to attract easily. Through a video, you can explain more about your product to the customer in less time compared to any other source of marketing.

The boom of video marketing started in 2017 and ever since then it’s rising drastically from the previous year. The reason behind this is now the internet is almost available to all the people in a society. Another major reason is that not all people want to read about a product most people prefer watching a video as it gives them more information about it in comparatively less time.

According to the latest research, almost 50% of people preferred video-based marketing to any else. Video Marketing is capable of increasing the crowd by 80% if placed properly on the landing page, and even mention of the word ‘video’ increases the opening rate by 19%.

Video Marketing


All these videos didn’t only make the buying and selling easy for consumers and buyers, but for salespeople also. This helped them connect with the audience more easily and explain things more clearly. If we say in short, ‘Video Marketing has revolutionized the concept of marketing recently’.

Another thing which is mentioned by the clicks of the customers is that they prefer inauthentic and less-scripted videos rather than those high-quality videos. They prefer it original and give better reviews and think that hose high-quality videos are completely focused on just sugar-coating the product.

These are some things that a person must know before starting the video marketing concept. If you want to know more amazing things like these keep reading the article until the end.

Benefits of Video marketing

  • Video helps you connect with your audience. Today, most of the company’s efforts are designed to help build trust.
  • Video is a gold mine of SEO, which helps build backlinks to your site, increase popularity and share (which can affect search rates), and drive traffic to your site. And let’s not forget that YouTube is owned by Google, so be sure to post your videos on YT and tag, tag, mark with keywords/keywords!

Video Marketing

  • Videos enhance data storage. If your customers only hear something, they are likely to keep about 10% of that information three days later; in contrast, if what they hear is accompanied by appropriate images, they will retain 65% of that information three days later.
  • In 2017, video content will account for approximately 74% of all online traffic. Your customers love the video. Potential customers also like the video, which means that better video marketing can attract new visitors.
  • Email subject lines that include the word “video” see a 19% increase in open rates and a 65% click increase.
  • Most of the four customers would rather watch the product video, rather than read the product description.
  • Do you like money? Then think about it: after watching the video, customers have a 64-85% chance of making a purchase.

SEO Gold Mine

Videos have a high potential to substantially improve CTR (click-through rate). This leads to high open rates, thereby increasing the leads & conversions. The key is to properly tag the video & reach the target audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it is owned by Google which is first.

Changing Buying Habits Boosts Conversion Rates

The latest analysis found that 57 percent of online buyers are more inclined towards videos. They are likely to purchase a product after watching a detailed product demonstration video. The buying patterns have changed drastically. Video gives a live feeling of the product which is essential for the customer.

Video is Everywhere

You can find videos on a lot of platforms. YouTube, Vimeo, Other Social Media, Video Boards, etc. Because of easy internet availability in the world of smartphones, customers can access videos on the go. They can anytime open the phones and see whatever they want. This is the most advanced marketing as compared to the old techniques of print media. Also, this can be done in a very affordable way.

Effectiveness of Videos

The video combines both visual & audio, which gives a very strong effect. For videos, the retention rate is as high as 80 percent. For the visual ads, the rate is only 20 percent. And for only audio ads, it is a mere 10 percent. So this shows how powerful video marketing is. Video has changed the complete marketing game.

Emotions in Video

Video affects the emotions of people in a very strong way. The combination of music & live visuals directly influences people’s brains. It’s pleasant watching a video rather than just plain text reading. 

Also, it conveys the message in a fast, interesting & very effective way to humans. This emotional bonding is the key to marketing. 

Developing a Video Marketing Campaign

A lot of market study, competition analysis, and product study are required to make a good video marketing campaign. This helps to create great video content that binds the customers. You need to define, what you want your consumers to feel after watching the audiovisual clip. Also, it allows you to define a powerful call to action.

Once the concept & content is clear, you need to select a good production unit to make your vision into reality. Anybody can make a video walking down the street, but the quality is most important. An expertly made video is an asset for a lifetime. Viral videos can give your exponential benefits in terms of branding. 

Infozium has expertise in understanding the modern market needs. Our video marketing team specializes in the area. 

Some important video marketing strategy that you must know

1. Plan a video: Before you starting anything else, first of all, think about the conversation through which your video will start. If you think why this step is important then you should know whenever a customer starts watching your video if he doesn’t find the starting catchy and attractive then he will surely close it.

So, if you have not planned for the video it will surely waste your lot of time editing it and recreating it many times. Firstly, there is a certain question whose answers you need to know:

  • Who is your targeted audience? This is important to know what age group or what group of society you are targeting to make videos. The reason behind this is that not all people prefer 1 type of video. Always remember that every person has his/her own taste, so you need to know your audience as better as possible.
  • Why are you making a video? You need to know the purpose of why you are machining a video. Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Introduce a new product or just anything else? This is important because your content will be focused on it accordingly.
  • What are the expenses of the video? You have to analyze the cost that will be going to incur in your video. The reason for this is that videos are not easy to make, the background voice must be clear, the video must be well-edited and all of these things need to be planned.

Video Marketing

2. Prepare the script: You might have watched many unscripted videos they seem amazing and funny so you might think that this will be the best strategy for your business also, right? NO, it will be not. For marketing video, it’s really necessary to have a script or you might forget some points that were required to be added or any other problem. This will directly lead to increasing the cost of making your video.

  • For making a video first thing which you will be needing is to prepare a script which contains all the points for which the video is being made. This is necessary so that you don’t miss out on any important thing about the topic.
  • Then the second step is proofreading. You should read the whole script again and analyze whether any important point has been missed out or not. If you find all the things correct then move to the final step.
  • The final step is learning the script. Now, this point is really important because you should not hold a paper in your hand and start reading. The reason for this is then the video will not look authentic and people might not consider watching your videos.

 3. Set up your studio: This is an important step that must be followed and take care of. You will certainly not want to shoot your video in a place where all the things are messed up instead you might prefer a place which his cleaner ad attractive.

Other than that, you must also take care of your camera whether it’s properly set up or not. You should not all the details about your camera as it will reduce your work of editing if you know these things.

The camera angle must be set so that neither you are exposing unnecessary of your surroundings and nor in the whole video only face of yours is visible. Another thing which you must take care of is your audio system. If you are recording it with your mobile camera then you might not have to any additional setting but just place it in the right position.

However, if you are using any different equipment for your video recording then you should place it at the right point so that neither too high volume is recorded nor too low.


4. Select perfect music: Now most of you might be thinking that this step is not required but it’s not like that. Adding music is one of the most main things which needs to be done with utmost priority. If you have selected the right music for your video it makes your video catchier and more entertaining. People will tend to stay more time in your video if the background music is sweet and melodious.

However, if you are using copyrighted music you should take permission from the artist for using the song. You have to make sure that the music is not at a place where you would like it to not be. You have to manage the sound of the music where it should be high and where it should be low.

Selecting video platforms:


If you ask your friends which video platforms they use, the answer you will most likely hear is YouTube. YouTube is the largest video hosting platform and the second largest search platform and the second most visited website – both behind Google. Daily over 5 billion people all over the world watch YouTube.

It’s also free to upload your videos to YouTube and use them to use them.

Video Marketing

In addition to its large audience, YouTube offers many other features that make the platform a great choice for hosting your video. Because YouTube videos are hosted on individual channels, the platform allows you to build dedicated viewers. Users who follow your channel are more likely to see some of the videos you upload.

Within your channel, you can also organize videos into playlists, making it easier for your viewers to search for your content. As a social speaker, viewers can engage with your videos by liking and commenting on them, giving you another opportunity to connect with your audience.

YouTube also offers a variety of advertising methods for sophisticated targeting.

While YouTube offers the benefit of access to many viewers at no cost of uploading and hosting videos, there are several declining platforms. While video ads can be a great tool for promoting your content, the number of platform ads from other advertisers may interfere with your viewer’s information.



If your friends have not responded to your previous question with “YouTube” they may have responded with Vimeo, the second largest video hosting platform. Vimeo’s audience is much smaller (715 million monthly views) than YouTube, but there are still many benefits that make it a favorite for content creators and viewers alike.

Among these is a simple, clean interface, which makes it easy to navigate the platform. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo has more limited ads and ads that can limit your viewers’ experience. Videos on Vimeo also tend to be higher than YouTube, and the audience on the platform may be more professional.

Vimeo offers many different premium account options to better suit businesses. Premium accounts provide additional storage, advanced analytics, customer support, player customization, access to lead production tools, and much more.

In addition to premium accounts, Vimeo also collaborates with businesses to produce high-quality advertising content.



Vidyard is a platform where the video is mostly posted with the purpose of business promotion. Here is what we say. These days, we know that posting your video on YouTube is not enough.

You need video content specific to the Facebook and Instagram channel, not to mention your website. Enter: Vidyard. The platform allows you to publish and update in all of these locations from a central location.

From this site, you will get all kinds of viewer views. Find out what kinds of video content your audience likes and how you watch their videos.

After that, call that information directly on your automated marketing software or CRM. For example, if the prospect you have been watching is watching your latest research video, you will be notified immediately.

One of the coolest features of Vidyard is the ability to customize videos with the name of the industry or company directly in video production. This is a creative edition as soon as you start working and exploring it.


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