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Viral Video Marketing for Maximum views & subscribers

What is Video Marketing?
The simple definition of video marketing is: Promote a brand, products or services using video as the medium. As on today, video marketing is a very strong tool to market and going ahead it will be stronger. Different types of video campaigns attract people like – live events, buyer testimonials, how-to videos, detailed explanation videos, company training videos, viral videos for entertainment, politics, or any gossip.
Infozium is well equipped to run advanced video marketing campaigns with guaranteed results for your brand. We understand the market trends very well. As on today, video is a top ranking factor in Google Search.


Advantages of Video Marketing
SEO Gold Mine
Videos have the high potential to substantially improve CTR (click through rate). This leads to high open rates, there by increasing the leads & conversions. The key is to properly tag the video & reach the target audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine and it is owned by Google which is first.

Changing Buying Habits Boosts Conversion Rates
The latest analysis found that 57 percent of online buyers are more inclined towards videos. They are likely to purchase a product after watching a detailed product demonstration video. The buying patterns have change drastically. Video gives a live feeling of the product which is essential for the customer.

Video is Everywhere
You can find videos on lot of platforms. YouTube, Vimeo, Other Social Media, Video Boards, etc. Because of easy internet availability in the world of smartphones, customers can access videos on the go. They can anytime open the phones and see whatever they want. This is most advanced marketing as compared to the old techniques of print media. Also, this can be done in an affordable way.

Effectiveness of Videos
Video combines both visual & audio, which gives a very strong effect. For videos, the retention rate is as high as 80 percent. For the visual ads, the rate is only 20 percent. And for only audio ads, it is mere 10 percent. So this shows how powerful video marketing is. Video has changed the complete marketing game.

Emotions in Video
Video affects the emotions of people in a very strong way. The combination of music & live visuals directly influences people’s brains. It’s pleasant watching a video rather than just plain text reading.
Also, it conveys the message in a fast, interesting & very effective way to humans. This emotional bonding is the key for marketing.

Developing a Video Marketing Campaign
A lot of market study, competition analysis, and products study is required to make a good video marketing campaign. This helps to create a great video content which binds the customers. You need to define, what you want your consumers to feel after watching the audio visual clip. Also, it allows you to define a powerful call to action.

Once the concept & content is clear, you need to select a good production unit to make your vision into reality. Anybody can make a video walking down the street, but quality is most important. An expertly made made video is an asset for lifetime. Viral videos can give your exponential benefits in terms of branding.

Infozium has an expertise in understanding the modern market needs. Our video marketing team specializes in creating meaningful videos which helps to create a long lasting effect in buyer’s mind. Ultimately, it leads to the business and sales growth.


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